ATOMICCLOCK.SPACE. Leadermaster informs you that the first use of this clock is to measure the time in space.Time in space to establish a time period for removal of Space Debris that orbits Earth.Use your knowledge and the and websites.Then begin now and end fast as possible.The First EARTH ATOMIC CLOCK measures Earth Time with The Second Earth Atomic Clock The Doomsday Clock also measures Earth Time.The First Space Atomic Clock is singular and science ensures that a Doomsday Clock in space is not possible by the reality of the existence of space and our peaceful success in space.I have a specific use for the space atomic clock the timing of the removal of space low earth debris.I plan low Earth orbit of a space debris recycler of space debris that once recycled is then transportable either peacefully and successfully into space or return to Earth or both freeing the low Earth international space station from low Earth orbit for peaceful success in space.The space that surrounds Earth is divided by numberlines each is possible to finish the recycling task by mathematics of the Earth Environment and the Futuregraphy Of The Earth that is a new part of the Paris Agreement .Now disagreement but no more. because of this.The First Space Atomic Clock is not space debris.It is moveable from low earth orbit to space.I name this recycler of space debris The Earthspaceport Leadermaster Murray John Craig Geddes United Nations Of Earth Joint agreement naming the Earth First space debris recycler: UN EARTH DEBRIS RECYCLER Low Earth Orbit Recycler Spacecraft 1.Also included in the Paris Agreement. Godspeed,Leadermaster.

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